Outdoors Angle: Underwater Camera's

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     I have always had a "love-hate" relationship with underwater cameras. Over the years I have toted them on the ice and more often than not, I got tired of charging another battery, dealing with cables and dragging another piece of equipment along with a plethora of other ice fishing equipment.

     This winter I have reverted back to the underwater camera and have found it has been quite valuable. The camera will not necessarily mean more fish in the bucket but it does have it's advantages. It's always good to check the content of the bottom you are ice fishing. Recently I was scouting a deep basin and I actually saw tiny, little critters which I determined were scud, bouncing around the bottom. You know what that means... food! The underwater camera gave me this information which I probably would have missed. Consequently, I had a great evening catching monster bluegills and crappies.

     The greatest advantage to an underwater camera is the ability to scout weedlines. Finding clean, healthy and green cabbage or coontail in the winter is a key to success for many species. I just drop the lens down the hole and check out the edges. You will know within 5 minutes if the spot is worth fishing.

     The underwater camera isn't a magic wand by any means, but to use it successfully definitely gives you an advantage.

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