Outdoors Angle: Border Waters Walleye Action

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     The ice has finally left many lakes in our north country and the amazing walleye fishery of Big Stone-Traverse is ready to rock! This South Dakota/Minnesota border waters is open year around with no closed season. Walleyes are fair game all season.

     The secret to these lakes is to get 'em early. The month of April and May is the best time of the year for the best action. We have ice out about two weeks early this Spring meaning the action will be starting within a week. These two giant lakes need about two weeks for the water to warm and the walleyes to finish the spawn. After the spawn is completed, it's feeding time. These active walleyes can be caught with jigs adorned with minnows or trolling crankbaits can also be effective. Just keep the retrieve and trolling pace on the slow side as the water temperatures will still be in the 40's.

     Very early mornings as the sun rises is prime time on these two lakes. The last hour of dusk is also prime. Catching walleyes during the day is a challenge as these super clear water lakes make the day a tough time to boat a walleye.

     No need to wait for opening day for walleyes, it's already opening day on Big Stone and Lake Traverse!

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