Outdoors Angles: Impacts Of The Drought

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     As we settle into July, we turn our heads to the upcoming waterfowl season and anticipate what we are to expect with the impact of the current drought.

     In my travels through the Dakota's, the prairie is extremely dry with most small potholes and sloughs void of water. If you are planning on duck hunting this Fall, pre-season scouting will be most important. Don't assume your traditional waterfowling spot will have water because chances are it might also be dry. Mother Nature has a way of fixing things from time to time so we can only hope we hit a rainy period to refill those dry waterways.

     We are also facing extremely low water levels in lake's country which means dropping your boat in could be a real challenge. There are some lakes that are impossible to launch while others require a roller trailer to successfully launch. Some midlake flats that used to have 5 feet on top now have 1 to 2 feet meaning your outboard could be susceptible to damage. It's now all about caution and common sense especially if you are angling on a lake you don't know.

     Fishing is still holding up despite the water temperatures in the high 70's. Now the smart anglers learns to adapt to the weird conditions and you try to make changes along the way and try and improvise to improve your odds.

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