Outdoors Angle: All About Fishing Line

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     Wow, has fishing line come a long way! Most sporting goods stores have scores of line choices anywhere from monofilament to braided line. It's very confusing. In reality, you can simplify your line choice.

     Monofilament is my line of choice as I have tried every major brand and style and I always return to the basic mono. I've used mono line since I was in grade school and it still performs well. What I like about monofilament line is the stretch factor. The stretch of mono line is very forgiving and anglers can make hook set mistakes and still get the fish landed. Braided line for instance does not stretch and many anglers set the hook prematurely but on the other hand, anglers swear by braided line when throwing crankbaits.

     My rule of thumb is using 6 .lb test mono on my regular jigging and live bait rods and using 8.lb test for casting/trolling crankbaits. You can handle any fish that swims with 6.lb test if you keep your reel drag set at medium and always re-tie your knot at the bait after every couple of fish. If you don't re-tie you will eventually have a knot failure with 6.lb test. Light line outperforms heavier line, hands down!

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