Timberwolves have huge weekend games, playoff seeding on the line

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With just two games remaining in a frustrating season, a lot is still up in the air for the Wolves and their playoff positioning. With a 40-40 record heading into the final weekend, the Wolves currently sit in 9th place in the West with an equal opportunity to move up in the standings or down, depending on results from other games and if the Wolves can find a way to win their last two games of the season.

The Wolves need a little help, scratch that, A LOT of help in hopes of moving out of the Play-In Tournament as the 6th seed. The Play-In Tournament is a way to keep teams on the playoff fringe fighting hard for the playoffs all the way to the end of the regular season. The 7th Seed hosts the 8th Seed in a one-game playoff to see who will play the 2nd seed in the first round of the playoffs, it offers the 8th seed a chance to move up. The Timberwolves hosted the Clippers last season in such a game and won, before losing to the Memphis Grizzlies in six games. The other play-in game is between the 9th and 10th seeds, with the winner advancing for a chance to be the 8th seed by facing the loser of the #7 vs #8 matchup. The winner of the final Play-In game faces the top seed in the conference in the opening round of the NBA playoffs.

The Wolves are a game behind the Lakers and Pelicans who are both 41-39, while the Clippers and Warriors are both 42-38. Even though there is still mathematically a chance the Wolves could still get the 5th seed, it’s highly unlikely. However, with a season finale versus those Pelicans, it is possible to secure the 8th seed and an opportunity for a win and in gave versus the Lakers in the Play-In Tournament.


Current Standings and remaining games:

5. LA Clippers 42-38 vs Portland, at Phoenix

6. Golden State 42-38 at Sacramento, at Portland

7. LA Lakers 41-39 vs Phoenix, vs Utah

8. New Orleans 41-39 vs New York, at MINNESOTA

9. MINNESOTA 40-40 at San Antonio, vs New Orleans

10. Oklahoma City 39-42 vs Memphis

11. Dallas 38-42 vs Chicago, vs San Antonio


The Wolves not only need to win their final two games, but need teams out of the playoff picture such as Utah, San Antonio, and Portland to do them a favor. They also need a team like Phoenix, which has locked themselves into the 4th seed and will be resting star players, to get victories vs the Los Angeles teams. All that is for certain is that if the Wolves win one of their last two games they clinch a Play-In spot, if they win both and have a bit of luck their tiebreakers could move them up to the 6th seed. It may be a long shot, but with expectations now lower than they were at the beginning of the season, advancing to the first round of the NBA playoffs maybe this team's max potential this season.