Missing another storm...quiet week ahead...some snow in extended forecast.

While we are enjoying quiet weather, a major and historic snowstorm is effecting the Central plains!  If you have travel plans to our south, postpone your travel for at least a day!! We are going to have the coldest night of the season this week!  So far the coldest we have had is 9 below.  Yep that's it!!  A mild winter indeed.  Wednesday AM we should bottom out between -10 to -15.  Afterwards, we warm up into the 20's by the end of the week, however, some wind associated with the warm up so it won't feel like it. After some minor snow this past weekend, there are still no big storms in sight.  Another small snow system will brush by on Saturday and another one possible the first week in February.  We are inching closer to spring with no brutally cold air in sight just your typical Jan/Feb cold. 

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki