NO MORE SNOW!!!!   Well, at least no more measurable snow according to the LRC.   THIS in itself is GREAT news!!!   Now, let's dive into the REST of the summer months.  According to the LRC, May and June are expected to be below normal in terms of temps in the valley and westward.  As you go east into MN, temps are expected to be a bit above normal.  May should see see precip near to slightly below normal in the Dakotas with above normal precip just to our south and southeast.   

July and August look to see temps above normal to the east of the valley with below normal temps to the west of the valley.  I've attached maps along with "wet weeks" and "dry weeks"    Overall, the summer looks pretty good from the valley eastward if you like the warm temps but cooler than normal weather in the central and western Dakotas.   Now that doesn't mean the "below normal" temp areas to the west of the valley WONT see any heat waves, it's just overall, it will average below normal for the summer months.   

If you have any questions about the LRC, feel free to email me:  weatheratflagfamily [dot] com 


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki