LRC and cycling patterns

For those who have followed the LRC, it has been a long journey getting the word out with some people very skeptical about if and how it works.  Now, there has been a breakthrough with climate scientists saying this:     Climate scientists at Rice University have discovered an "internally generated periodicity"—a natural cycle that repeats every 150 days—in the north-south oscillation of atmospheric pressure patterns that drive the movement of the Southern Hemisphere's prevailing westerly winds and the Antarctic jet stream.

Gary has preached the LRC and how weather patterns cycle on a regular basis.  There is "Order in the Chaos" and FINALLY climate scientists are seeing the same thing!!!  As the LRC continues to grow, join the ride with us as the future of long range forecasting is about to unfold.  We've known it all along as the LRC has been very accurate.  NOW, it's made world news and climate scientists are noticing it too!!!  


Here is a link to the article from Rice University


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki



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