Freezing Temperatures and Widespread Frost

Tonight will likely experience crop and plant finishing temperatures, especially west of the valley. Widespread freeze warnings have been issued for tonight west of the valley, a frost advisory within the valley into Minnesota, and a freeze watch into areas east of that. Tonight temperatures are expected to drop into the upper to mid-20s west of the valley and around to just above freezing within the valley due to a band of clouds keeping us just a bit warmer than the surrounding area. However, any extended breaks in those clouds even for just a couple hours towards sunrise may cause the temperature to hit or fall just below 32 degrees, so localized areas of freezing temperatures remain possible within the frost advisory, regardless widespread frost is very likely.

Bring the outdoor plants inside tonight or blanket them up tonight along with the gardens if you're not ready for them to die.
I personally will be chancing mother nature with my garden as I'm okay if it dies off, my other plants however are being moved inside and to the garage. Best of luck for those who decide to roll the dice! (Your odds of beating Mother Nature will be slim)
There are more days where frost if not near freezing temperatures will be possible down the road, check out that 7-day forecast!

Justin Storm


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