LRC update into spring

Our LRC "christmas" storm just passed through the area.....mark your calendars it will be back in 45 days (around May 9th) and again around June 24th.   When it cycles back in late June, that has a good chance of producing severe weather.  Speaking of severe weather, it's been a quiet start to the severe weather season compared to last year...

We are transitioning from El Nino to La Nina.  The last time this happened (2015-16) we had quite a bit more than we are experiencing this year.   Let's  see how the rest of the season unfolds, but it looks quieter than last year. 

With spring comes needed moisture for our Ag community.   It's been a dry start for many, in fact many areas of MN and IA are in severe drought conditions

With this last storm many areas experiencing drought picked up some much needed precip.   Moreover, the LRC is prediciting some of those drought stricken areas to pick up some more much needed moisture over the next few months: 

Notice though, a good chunk of North Dakota remains below average in precip.  This could be a problem for the upcoming growing season.