Northern lights in all 50 states!!!

What an amazing Northern Lights show on Fri/Sat. nights!!!  I've attached some pics that some of our listeners sent in.  The Aurora was seen in ALL 50 states including Hawaii!!  That in itself is RARE.  But WHY did everyone get to partake in mother nature's beauty?  Well, the sunspot which caused all this was the size of 15 EARTHS!!!   Try to wrap you head around that!!  15 EARTHS!!!  No wonder that behemoth was able to produce the Northern Lights all the way down to Arizona and Florida.  Hundreds of millions of people saw the colored lights for the first time in their lives.

The danger could return on May 15th, however. On that date the sunspot will pass through a region of the sun magnetically connected to Earth via the Parker Spiral. Subatomic debris (protons and electrons) from explosions on May 15th and 16th could spiral back to Earth and rain down our planet. This is called a "radiation storm;" it can upset satellite electronics and cause polar radio blackouts.


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki