Weekly Line 3 Protests Taking Place in Downtown Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- You may have seen a group of people outside the Wells Fargo in Downtown Fargo Friday evenings, and that's not by mistake.

The group "Dance The Line Away" sets up shop around 4pm every Friday to protest the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline for multiple hours, then travel to other places around the city to continue.

"We're just taking a stand for injustice," said Organizer and Activist Hannah Cook. "If you think about it, we're all treated people. We are just standing up for those that aren't being seen or heard."

So, why Well Fargo? Hannah says the bank is a primary sponsor of Line 3, and they are opening trying to get people to quit the bank or convince the bank to stop backing the pipeline.

There have been several protests at the site of the pipeline, which has resulted in several arrests from activists who have even set up camp inside the pipeline to try and stop or deter continued construction and replacement of certain parts of Line 3.

The project has received backlash due to several indigenous groups having had land where Line 3 is being worked on.