Chaplain Vern Baardson & West Fargo Police Dept., We Salute YOU!

Our December Luther Family Ford Salute to Law Enforcement honoree is Chaplain Vern Baardson & West Fargo Police Dept.

Chaplain Baardson joins Steve Hallstrom to share with us about his choice to make the move into law enforcement and what it means to be honored for his service.

Read Chaplain Vern Baardson's Biography below...

Chaplain Vern has volunteered as a Police Chaplain with the West Fargo Police Department since 2007. During his time as a Police Chaplain, Vern has accumulated over 2,800 volunteer hours in service to the West Fargo Police Department. Chaplain Vern assists the West Fargo Police Department with a variety of difficult calls including unattended deaths, death notifications, domestic violence, sexual assaults and a multitude of additional incidents.

Chaplain Vern also plays a critical role in our Peer Support Team as he speaks with officers, family members and those impacted by tragedies and critical incidents in our community. Police Chaplains play a crucial role in supporting both the department and the community during times of tragedy. The entire Chaplain team is often called upon to provide emotional and spiritual support to officers and their families, as well as to victims and their loved ones.

Chaplain Vern has also been instrumental in growing the Chaplains program at the West Fargo Police Department with the addition of his wife Casey, as well as Chaplain Tami Christ and Chaplain Tim Brown. The team of Chaplains has been nationally recognized for their ongoing dedication in service to others.

The West Fargo Police Department’s entire team of Chaplains, led by Chaplain Vern, play a valuable role at the West Fargo Police Department and is instrumental in assisting with difficult calls throughout our community. Chaplain Vern has been instrumental in helping our police department and community through good times and assisting in times of tragedy. His dedication, compassion, and commitment to service make a difference in the lives of those he serves, and his contributions to our community will continue to make an impact for years to come.

Original Air Date: 
Monday, December 11, 2023