A Grand Forks man has now been charged related to a report of shots fired on Wednesday, May 27.

Salamah Qareed Pendleton is charged with two counts of murder, a Class AA Felony; three counts of attempted murder, a Class A Felony; one count of criminal mischief in excess of $10,000, a Class B Felony; one count of terrorizing, a Class C Felony; and one count of reckless endangerment, a Class C Felony.

An affidavit of probable cause says deputies were at the apartment building to serve and enforce a court order from Grand Forks District Court, which ordered the removal of the residents, one of which was Pendleton. When deputies made entry, Pendleton was present, and ran and barricaded himself inside of a bedroom.

When he refused to come out of the bedroom, deputies breached the door, at which time Pendleton began firing multiple rounds with an AK-47 rifle at the two officers, identified as Corporal Ron Nord and Sergeant Kelly McLean. During the incident, the assault-style rifle was pointed at law enforcement, and multiple rounds were fired towards the officers. One of the shots fatally struck Lola Gwen Moore, who was also present in the residence. Nord and McLean responded by returning fire.

Corporal Pat Torok and Officer Cody Holte, officers with the Grand Forks Police Department, responded and assisted the deputies. Torok and Holte maintained position within the living room and dining room.

Pendleton then opened the bedroom door and started firing multiple rounds with the AK-47 rifle in the direction of all law enforcement officers. During the exchange, Nord sustained a non-fatal gunfire wound to the upper right leg, inflicted by Pendleton. Nord was transported to Altru Hospital for treatment.

Pendleton fired and fatally shot Holte. He suffered approximately three gunfire wounds to his body and was pronounced dead upon arrival at Altru Hospital.

Pendleton, himself, was injured and transported to Altru for medical treatment.

A Class AA Felony carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment without parole and a fine of $20,000;  a Class A Felony carries a maximum penalty of twenty years imprisonment and a fine of $20,000; a Class B Felony carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment and a fine of $20,000; and a Class C Felony carries a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000.

Pendleton is anticipated to appear this afternoon for a bond appearance.