West Fargo Fire Department Reminds Community to Check Small Appliances for Recalls


As colder weather sets in and residents look to small appliances like space heaters and dehumidifiers to keep their homes warm and dry, the West Fargo Fire Department would like to remind the community to check the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for recall alerts on their products.
“We’ve already responded to fires this season involving an appliance like a dehumidifier that was recalled and led to smoke and fire damage in the home,” said Dan Fuller, chief of the West Fargo Fire Department. “Before you plug anything in for the season, be sure to go to www.cpsc.gov and check the product for recalls.”

In the last week alone, Gree Comfort and LG Electronics have each issued recalls on their dehumidifiers, while Vornado Air has recalled a space heater. These appliances are known to overheat, melt, catch fire, cause smoke and ignite nearby items. It’s especially important to check items, such as dehumidifiers, that are often left on when people are not in the building.

Chief Fuller also warns residents not to become complacent in checking products that they’ve had for years, borrowed or purchased used.

“Anything that plugs in has the potential to overheat, either due to recalls, damage or overused outlets,” said Fuller. “Before you plug anything in, check the website for recalls, inspect the unit for any damage, and ensure the outlet you are using is appropriate for the appliance and not overwhelmed with other devices. Never use a product that has been recalled or damaged”