Several Fargo bars failed September's liquor compliance check

(Fargo, ND) -- Out of 41 Fargo bars and restaurants, 9 served alcohol to minors in the month of September.

The businesses include:

  • Brewbird - 2nd time failed, server trained, served alcohol to 19 year old
  • Cowboy Jacks - First time failed, server trained , server looked at 18-year old's id and served anyway
  • Fargo Billiards and Gastropub -  served alcohol to a 19 year old, served an walked away / didn't check id, sever trained
  • Fargo brewing Co - served alcohol to 19 year old, id shown but did not recognize underage, sever trained 
  • Fort Knox - serving alcohol to 18 year old, server not trained, glanced at id and served anyway
  • Granite City Food and Brewery - served alcohol to an underage person (age unknown), sever trained, id not checked
  • Hi Ho Tavern Burgers and Brews - served alcohol to a 19 year old, not server trained and under 21
  • No Bull Country Club - served alcohol to an 18 year old 
  • Olive Garden - served alcohol to an 18 year old, no request for id

The report issued by Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski is the first of monthly check-ins that will occur during the Liquor Control Board meetings, with the goal to provide more frequent updates to potential bad actors in the community.