Cass County Sheriff's Office hiring amidst critical staffing shortage

Image by: WDAY Radio News staff
Image by: WDAY Radio News staff

(Fargo, ND) --Cass County Sheriff Jesse Jahner says his department is in a "bad position" when it comes to staffing.

"The amount of people that are interested in law enforcement nowadays is quite a bit different than when I came out of college when we were getting about 300 people applying for maybe 5 positions. Now we are lucky to get 8 applicants," said Sheriff Jahner. 

The Sheriff is now looking to hire as the department is down 20 deputies in the county jail and down 6 deputies in the field.  That's a total of 26 deputies when typically  in the past they'd be looking to fill about 7 positions.  Sheriff Jahner says the agency is being impacted the same as many other industries dealing with a shortage of qualified applicants while also dealing with changing attitudes toward working in law enforcement.  

Anyone interested in applying can do so using the link on the sheriff's website.

Link to apply: