Fargo School Board to consider rescinding pledge of allegiance at open of meetings

Photo by: Fargo Public School District
Photo by: Fargo Public School District

(Fargo, ND) -- The Pledge of Allegiance recited at the beginning for Fargo School Board meetings could be a thing of the past after the next meeting.

Board member Seth Holden recently asked the Governance Committee to discuss adding an agenda item to a board meeting on the pledge, which has been recited since the April 12th board meeting after former board member David Paulson pushed to get the issue into discussion. Now, at the August 9th school board meeting, that could be reversed.

At the July 28th Governance committee meeting, consensus was reached to add the item to the topic at Tuesday's overall school board meeting. Holden has previously mentioned inclusivity being his main objection to the pledge, but not that he doesn't support saying it himself.

Paulson originally called for the pledge to be officially recited at a February Governance committee meeting.

Other items expected to be discussed include open enrollment and committee and liasion assignments.