Dillworth Fire Chief steps down, citing recent events

Courtesy: Mark Empting
Courtesy: Mark Empting

(Dilworth, MN) -- A 10-year veteran of Dilworth's Fire Department is backing away from his leadership position.

Dilworth Fire Chief Mark Empting is stepping down from the position, citing the need to take more personal time. Empting says he will assume the role of a firefighter, and is excited for "new blood" to lead the department in the future. He says the decision will free up more time, which he says has become more important to him due to events that have happened in the last three or four months. 

"I'm still staying as the [Clay County] sheriff, I'm still staying on as a firefighter, "said Empting, "It's not going to be a big change... I just think it's a good time right now for me just to be able to take that step back."

Empting says he is honored to have served the Dilworth Fire Department for 10 years.