Fargo mom complains about downtown designated rideshare program; says app led her to dark alley

(Fargo, ND) -- A Fargo resident is complaining about her recent experience one night using a downtown designated rideshare pickup location. 

"So I'm just standing alone in a dark. like alley, because that is where the phone says to go. So the Uber guy came and I said 'this is outrageous', and he said 'you have no idea how many phone calls that I've had to make tonight. He goes 'nobody is aware of these ordinances,'" said Katy Moore.  

Moore says the location the app led her to was not properly marked and did not have adequate lighting, and didn't feel safe as a result. She also asserts the city and the police department are not doing enough to create awareness about the new program, which city representatives say is aimed at reducing traffic congestion during late weekend hours. Police Lieutenant Bill Ahlfeldt says the department is always seeking feedback on the program and taking steps to improve it. He also questions whether the app led Moore actually led Moore to a designated pickup spot. 

The young mother also said her personal safety was a concern as she walked alone to reach the designated rideshare location.

"Where I was at meant that I had to walk in front of, for lack of better words, some of the sketchiest bars where there are some very unsavory individuals to get to that location," said Moore. 

LINK: Fargo Police Lieutenant responds to citizen safety concerns using designated rideshare pickup locations downtown


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, October 27, 2022