Fargo Police Chief praises accomplishments and offers encouragement while welcoming new officers and promoting veterans

(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo Police Department has two new police officers. 

"Going forward you'll be known not just by James and Brenna of other family nicknames they might have for you, I didn't extract those yet but I'll work on it, but your name followed by Fargo Police Department Officer. So everything you do going forward off-duty and on-duty will be viewed for better or worse from that perspective. I'm confident that you'll represent yourselves, our department, and our profession well," said Chief Dave Zibolski.   

Zibolski spoke during the swearing-in ceremony Tuesday morning. The new officers are Brenna Hildredth and James Tabbert. They both have degrees in criminal justice from NDSU. Hildredth currently serves as a military police officer in the National Guard and Tabbert comes from a farming family. 

The chief also officially promoted four department veterans. 

Nightshift Commander Joel Erickson has been promoted to Lieutenant. Officers receiving promotions to the rank of sergeant include Jessica White, Adam Melquist, and Nick Kjonaas.   

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, January 3, 2023