Fargo police officers assist city's inspections department in clearing "unsafe" home 

Image by WDAY News staff - Tom Tucker
Image by WDAY News staff - Tom Tucker

(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo Police Department assisted The City of Fargo’s Inspection Department Wednesday morning in clearing a home at 924 5th Street South.. The people living in the home are accused of being in violation of a court order declaring the structure unsuitable for habitation.

According to city officials, the property owner had agreed to meet with city staff Wednesday morning, but failed to do so. That lead to law enforcement being asked to assist in clearing the home. More than ten people were removed from the home. The property owner was detained and arrested for violation of a court order prohibiting the occupation of the residence.

City officials say the home had "multiple issues related to extensive water damage, foundation and structural stability, wiring and overall cleanliness and habitability".

The property owner, Daniel Curtis, was previously allowed 30 days to obtain the necessary permits to improve the home and bring into compliance with city code. As part of this process, the owner was required to show improvement plans and receive approval from The City of Fargo.

City officials say Curtis did not meet the requirements. He was also afforded 30 days to formally appeal the designation, which did not happen. 

Curtis was not available for comment Wednesday afternoon.