Fargo Infectious disease specialist says FM metro flu cases "have started to come down"

(Fargo, ND) -- The news is promising when it comes to the flu season here it the FM metro. That's the word from an infectious disease specialist at Sanford Health.

"A good thing about flu right now is because it went up so suddenly we think we are beyond the peak now and the cases have started to come down," said Dr. Arvish Nagpal.

He also says this year has been unusual in that he saw flu activity "take off earlier than usual" and says it took off "suddenly and dramatically".  Nagpal says they have not seen "too many" hospitalizations or deaths related to flu. He attributes that to a "good vaccine match".  The doctor says the flu vaccine has "kept people out of the hospital". 

Nagpal also says the hospital is keeping up with demand for services.

"We are functioning at an optimal level right now in the winter as we do see a little bit of strain. We build out capacity in a way where we have room for adjustment during this particular time of the year," said Nagpal.  


Original Air Date: 
Monday, January 23, 2023