Moorhead City Council passes ceasefire resolution, activists vow to push Fargo to follow

Courtesy: City of Moorhead
Courtesy: City of Moorhead

(Moorhead, MN) -- The City of Moorhead passed the resolution in a contested vote, with Mayor Shelly Carlson breaking a tie at the end of the city council meeting on Monday. 

The resolution passage comes after members of the community urged local leaders to speak up about the international conflict between Israel, Hamas, and Palestinians, which has led to more than 30,000 civilian deaths according to NPR and several other sources. The council voted 5-4, with two members abstaining. Mayor Carlson cast the last vote, breaking the tie.

"I will be voting for this resolution because that is where my heart lies," said Mayor Carlson speaking after her yes vote. "This is not speaking on behalf of the citizens because there were a number of citizens [...] who came forward and said they do not agree with this."

The resolution was championed by CODEPINK, a national anti-war group with an FM-Chapter who has been petitioning both Moorhead and Fargo to pass a ceremonial measure, who celebrated the victory in a statement to local media outlets. 

“We are thrilled that the City Council of Moorhead stood with the people and in the face of mass starvation in Gaza to call for a ceasefire. We send our thanks to the city council, and to the community who banded together to make this possible," said Prairie Johnson, a local organizer with CODEPINK.

Members of CODEPINK say they will continue to work so Fargo also passes a ceasefire resolution. Previously, Fargo and Moorhead issued a rare joint proclamation calling for a negotiated settlement between Israel and Hamas.