Senator Kupec: SRO law was aimed at preventing use of chokehold used on George Floyd

(Fargo, ND) -- State Senator Rob Kupec was asked today why Minnesota lawmakers were motivated in 2023 to pass legislation restricting use of force by School Resource Officers.   

"The original part was that people were concerned that basically, they did not want the chokehold that was used on George Floyd to be used on a student in a school," said Kupec. 

Kupec said the SRO law passed by lawmakers during their last legislative session "should have gone to the judiciary committee and it did not." 

Yesterday, Governor Walz signed a new bill that clarifies the law. 

The new bill exempts school resource officers from those regulations on holds and restraints of students approved last year. 

However, chokeholds are allowed only in very specific circumstances. 

Kupec appeared on The "Flag's "What's on Your Mind".