Parent of FPS student shares concerns over "Baby Olivia" video shared in classrooms

Courtesy: Fargo Public Schools
Courtesy: Fargo Public Schools

(Fargo, ND) -- A parent in Fargo Public Schools is urging for action after her child shared she watched a video that she asserts is spreading false information.

The plea occurred at Tuesday's Fargo Public Schools board meeting during the public comment period. Katy McMullen Went, a parent of a student in the district, spoke to the board members about a video presented to students in their 9th grade health class about fetal development. The three minute video, entitled "Baby Olivia", presents a CGI fetus in the womb of a mother. 

"Specifically, I don't believe that it presents facts and concepts accurately," said McMullen Went, continuing to say she hopes the district finds a "science based" informational video about childbirth. She also cites concerns about the company who created the video, Live Action, who presents pro-life resources to parents and students across the country.

AnnMarrie Campbell, a spokesperson for the district, confirmed the "Baby Olivia" video is being viewed in the district.