Update: Fargo Police Department confirms dog attack that left one woman and two dogs injured 

(Fargo, ND) --  The Fargo Police Department has confirmed a dog attack the occurred in the city last Thursday, that left one woman and her two dogs injured.

One of the dogs later died.

According to department spokesperson Archie Ingersoll, At 3:44 p.m. on Thursday, April 4, FPD officers responded to a report of a dog attack in the 2200 block of Centennial Rose Drive South.

A woman reported that she was outside with her two dogs when two dogs running loose attacked her and her dogs.

The woman declined medical attention at the scene. 

One of her dogs received minor injuries and her other dog received serious injuries. 

Both of her dogs were taken to an animal medical facility to be assessed.

Officers contained the two loose dogs and identified their owner.

The Fargo Police Department continues to investigate the incident.

Ingersoll said no further information can be released at this time.

Initial report from WDAY Radio Now: Woman says she was attacked by two dogs near Rose Creek in Fargo