All-American swimmer Riley Gaines criticizes UND and NDSU policies during speech at NDSU

(Fargo, ND) -- All-American swimmer Riley Gaines criticized University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University policies pertaining to students who identify as transgender, during her appearance last night at NDSU. 

"You know this is North Dakota. People say oh it's not happening here. That would be your first mistake. The university systems here, including this university, they allow males who identify as women to be housed in dorm rooms with women. I've talked with many students who say hey, I've got a man living in my dorm room with me, in my same room, sleeping in a bed inches away from mine, and there's nothing I can do, or I'm told I will be charged with sexual harassment if I complain about this," said Gaines.

Gaines came to Fargo as part of her "Reclaim Campus Feminism Tour". 

Gaines says she is not anti-trans. 

She says she is "pro woman, pro fairness, pro reality, and pro common sense."