Senate votes to end transportation mask mandate

Photo by: City of Fargo - Facebook
Photo by: City of Fargo - Facebook

(Washington, DC) -- The Senate is trying to end the travel mask mandate early.

Eight Democrats joined Republicans in voting to no longer wear a mask on planes, trains and buses.

“It’s long past time that the Biden administration ends their COVID mandates,” said North Dakota Senator John Hoeven. “The American people should be able to choose for themselves if they want to wear a mask when they travel. That’s why I helped introduce this legislation and voted to strike down the travel mask mandate. We’ll continue working to end the mandates and push back on the Biden administration’s overreaching policies.”

The measure now heads to the House where it is not expected to pass. Even if it did, President Biden has said he'd veto it.

The mandate was recently extended another month to April 18th, giving the CDC time to revise guidelines.