Former Presidential candidate Burgum explains reasons for endorsing Trump

(Bismarck, ND) — Governor Doug Burgum ran his campaign on three principles — the economy, energy and national security.

On Thursday, appearing on Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCullum, Burgum said Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump “is right on on these issues.” He said these reasons were the reason why, earlier this week, he endorsed the former President for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

“He understands national security, has a proven strength and experience to get the job done, and under him, the economy was booming,” Burgum told MacCallum. He said his decision to endorse Trump “was an easy decision.”

When asked about an earlier comment made to Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd saying he wouldn’t do business with Trump, Burgum said he has seen the clip ‘several times,’ but maintains positive comments about the former President.

“In six months, I’ve said only positive things about President Trump, and this one clip comes up,” he said. “And nobody has asked me if I would do business with Joe Biden.”

As for a Vice President or cabinet position, Burgum maintains he’s enjoying his current job in North Dakota.

“I’ve got a fantastic job right now, one of the greatest jobs in the world as Governor of North Dakota,” he said. “I can have an opportunity to run for a third term in North Dakota, or I could go back to the private sector.”

He said the job right now is to “unite the Republican Party, close out the nomination and get focused on beating Joe Biden.”