Burgum responds to mounting talk surrounding potential for VP, cabinet positions

(Bismarck, ND) — In the days following Doug Burgum’s announcement that he will not seek a third term as the North Dakota Governor, talk has swelled that the Republican may be Donald Trump’s pick for Vice President, should he be nominated for the office he previously held.

Burgum has appeared on the campaign stage multiple times, stumping for Trump in New Hampshire prior to this week’s primary. But the North Dakota Republican maintains that when he ran for President, he wasn’t running for Vice President.

“A lot of flattering words have been said,” he said. “And that’s very kind of the President to say that.”

Another position Burgum’s name has been surrounding is the President’s Cabinet. The Governor said he wasn’t running for that position either, and that there is going to be a lot of interest.

“There’s going to be thousands of qualified people wanting to fill these cabinet positions,” he said. “It’s going to be very different than 2016 or 2020. I think it’s going to be the best administration he’s ever put together.”