North Dakota child care agencies struggling with staffing issues

Courtesy of: North Dakota Department of Health
Courtesy of: North Dakota Department of Health

(Bismarck, ND) -- Staffing shortages are affecting most businesses across the United States, and child care across North Dakota is no exception. 

Brittany Kind, Early Childhood Consultant with Child Care Aware, joined WDAY's Bonnie and Friends to talk about all things child care. She shared what she believes is a key reason why child care is losing workers.

"There is just this gap. They can pay their staff enough, they are making $10 an hour [so] nobody wants to work in childcare," said Brittany Kind, " But you can't charge more to those parents because no one is going to come to your program because they can't afford to come to your program."

She adds that is only the tip of the iceberg, saying it is incredibly difficult for childcare facilities to provide long-term benefits, like health insurance or retirement, because many providers in the state are small. 

Brittany Kind says Child Care Aware helps match parents and childcare facilities across North Dakota. If you are looking for assistance finding childcare, you can click here.