Cass County Republican named as Howe's replacement shares excitement for new role

Courtesy: Jonathan Warrey
Courtesy: Jonathan Warrey

(Fargo, ND) -- A North Dakota technology company C.O.O is filling for a seat left behind by the new Secretary of State.

Jonathan Warrey was appointed to represent North Dakota's District 22 following the general election. Michael Howe, the previous representative, is now the Secretary of State elect. Warrey says his goal is to represent the wide range of opinions when he heads to the state capitol.

"I can just tell after spending a couple of days in Bismarck this week, a majority of people want to improve quality of life, "said Warrey, "There is obviously different philosophies, there is all sorts of issues that we have to tackle."

Warrey emphasized his need to learn and listen while in the capitol, saying he wants to assess the situation before he contributes in areas he isn't entirely comfortable in. Warrey says he is excited to represent a wide swath of people who live in the region, and is ready to learn his role.

"Im going to represent about 16,000 people in rural Cass with the variety of opinions there, "said Warrey, "I've lived there, but I'll be in a different capacity now."

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Thursday, November 17, 2022