Veto of Approval Voting bill to remain in place following failure to acquire two-thirds majority in State Senate

Courtesy: North Dakota State Legislature
Courtesy: North Dakota State Legislature

(Fargo, ND) -- Approval and Ranked Choice voting options North Dakota are safe after the State Senate failed to reach a two-thirds majority vote.

An effort to override Governor Burgum's veto on a bill that would have banned Ranked Choice and Approval voting has officially failed to pass the state senate. Prior to reaching Governor Burgum's desk, the measure passed both the House and the Senate with a veto proof majority. The vote in the senate failed to meet the two-thirds majority needed to enact the law following the Burgum veto.

“We are extremely appreciative of today’s vote in the North Dakota Senate, which was a win for local control and the Home Rule authority granted to North Dakota communities, "said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney in a statement to WDAY Radio, "The manner in which North Dakota cities choose to elect their commissioners, serve the interests of their communities and govern themselves are issues that should be left to local voters.  Fargo residents chose this election method and today’s Senate vote recognizes and honors our residents’ votes.”

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