Burgum sounds terror warning after visiting national guard troops at southern border

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is once again calling attention to the crisis at the border after visiting North Dakota National Guard troops stationed at the border over the weekend.

"The risk of us having a nine eleven type event has in the future gone up dramatically, because in the midst of all of these, and yes some of these people are leaving countries with violence and are seeking asylum in our country, but even if you got one percent of eight million coming in, that means we've let in 80 thousand people that have ill intent for our country, and they're coming from 140 countries," said Burgum. 

Burgum says just since November, 20 thousand Chinese nationals have crossed the border illegally in the area where the National Guard troops were stationed.  

The governor appeared on The Flag's What's On Your Mind.