"We like our polling": North Dakota Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Armstrong claims he has more support than GOP opponent Tammy Miller

Courtesy: Office of Representative Kelly Armstrong
Courtesy: Office of Representative Kelly Armstrong

Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Armstrong says he is ahead with internally conducted poll numbers as the state's GOP convention begins this weekend. 

Armstrong said he did not want to release the exact numbers, and aims to find more data going into next week. Questions asked by the Flag's Steve Hallstrom prompted the following exchange.

Steve: "Do you have polling on this race?"

Armstrong: "We do."

Steve: "How's it going?"

Armstrong: "It's - we like our polling."


Steve: "Are you ahead, can you say that?"

Armstrong:" Yes."

Steve: "Okay, by a lot?"

Armstrong: "Yeah, so-"

Steve: "-Oh nice. Double Digits?"

Armstrong: "...What's your next question Steve?"

Steve: "Okay, well, I'm a curious man so that's okay."

The current House Representative is running against Lieutenant Governor Tammy Miler as the Republican candidate, and is also facing off against the NPL's Merrill Piepkorn and Independent Michael Coachman. WDAY Radio is continuing to follow this story. 


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, April 4, 2024