Outdoors Angle: Topsy Turvy Weather


The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!


     Boy, what weird weather we have been having! The super cold temperatures of a couple of weeks ago has been replaced with balmy temperatures in the 70's which has made for a topsy-turvy week in the field. Inconsistent weather patterns are always tough to deal with whether you are talking about fishing or hunting.

     The heavy northwest winds this past week have sent the ducks and geese migrating south and trying to bag a duck right now is very tough. Weather patterns are the name of the game when it comes to waterfowling in November and Mother Nature dictates the outcome. We are expecting another round of cold weather again which will change everything almost overnight. You can bet there are still lots of ducks hanging in Winnipeg and this cold snap should send the lion's share of them southward. Look for the best late season waterfowling coming this week or next.

     This goofy weather has also made fishing very difficult. Water temperatures are in the low 30's and finding both crappies and walleyes has been a challenge. The Fall bite should be on the doorstep right now but seems to be late developing.

     We now turn our efforts to the firearms season and things look very promising. The corn harvest has made huge gains lately which should bode well for the deer to be in the woods and vulnerable versus hanging out in oceans of corn.

     Pheasants have been plentiful in the northwest which has been a pleasant surprise. The best pheasant and grouse hunting is happening right now and will continue into December.


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