Outdoors Angle: Sight Fishing For Spring Crappies

The Flag Outdoors Expert Steve Carney has your weekly Outdoors Angle right here!

     Right now the crappies are biting and they are super shallow! My recent crappie fishing has been centered around very shallow water next to any bulrushes, pencil weeds or weed shorelines. They are staging for the spawn and in water as shallow as 2 feet! I spend a lot of time cruising the shallows and I can actually see the crappie and bluegills schools roaming the sandy bottoms. Its very easy to spook them so you have to use your electric motors and be very stealthy. Once I spot the schools, I back off and make long casts into the same area. A small bobber with a tiny jig works well and not much need to use live bait because they are incredibly aggressive at this time of May. The bobber is set at the 1 1/2 foot level and keeps the jig just inches off the bottom.

     This shallow pattern will hold up for another week or so. As the water warms and they complete their business, they drop back into deeper water and start their early summer patterns of heading to emerging weedlines. Right now some of the most exciting crappie fishing of the Spring is happening and there is nothing more fun than super shallow crappies!

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