Weekend light snow....mid week bigger storm? Arctic air on the way!!

It has been an incredible first 1/2 of winter hasn't it?  Temps remain above normal, no MAJOR arctic outbreaks...enjoy it while it is here.  Temps will remain above normal through early next week.  We have a minor snow event on the way for this weekend with around 1" of snow expected.  Temps will remain above normal to start off February with mild 30s!!  However, we are closely watching a storm system which will be taking shape in the central plains.  Right now, most models are focusing the "target" area of this storm into SD into MN where blizzard conditions could develop next Wed. and Thu.  IF this storm tracks a bit farther north, the valley would be impacted in a higher degree with higher snow totals and more wind.  One thing for sure is, arctic air is on the move and will be moving into the area for the first weekend in Feb.  Highs will be sub zero and nighttime lows will be between -15 and -30.  Brrrr.....in fact, February looks to be setting up colder than January.  

Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki