How much longer will be stay this cold?

Surface High-Pressure has set up over the Northern Great Plains and has no plans on moving anytime soon due to an upper level low blocking its path. We will be looking at sub-zero highs for all of the following week and very possibly into the beginning of next week with lows between 10-20 below zero! Today (Sunday 2/7/2021) will remain calm with a few scattered snow flurries however as we go into next week we will see the winds pick up between 10 and 20 mph from the west and northwest. These winds will drive out wind chills between 25 and 50 below zero throughout the area for the following week especially overnight. 

We currently reside in a wind chill advisory until noon on Tuesday (2/9/2021) but we will most likely see this advisory and warning be extended into the end of the following week.

February has set up to be what winter usually is here. Winter has a good grip on us but it's nothing we haven't seen before. Just remember to be safe and smart, bundle up when you're outside, keep those gas tanks full, and keep extra 'survival' gear in your car (blankets, heat pads, snacks, lights etc...) The long outlook looks much colder than January. We will see days closer to average, and or brief "warm-ups", but overall much colder air sticking around.


Justin Storm