Blizzard Number Seven Is Hitting Hard, More Wind On Saturday

Blizzard number seven is packing quite the punch! Widespread reports for zero visibility are coming in across the area, as well as vehicle accidents and vehicles in the ditch. Numerous roads and highways are being and have shut down! Wind gusts up to 60 mph with scattered snow streamers are creating many zero visibility and life-threatening situations! In addition, wind chills are reaching into the dangerous category ranging from 15-35 below and dropping as air temperatures continue to plunge closer to zero and lower. ***Frostbite can set in in as little as 10 minutes at -30!*** If you get caught unable to move in these conditions, STAY PUT AND CALL FOR HELP! Even though our blizzard warning is set to expire at 6:00 PM as of now. Blowing snow will continue through this evening into early tonight but gradually will improve!

Through this afternoon, widespread blowing snow with drastically reduced visibility! Wind will continue from the northwest between 25-40 mph and gusts into the 60 mph range at times but mainly into the 50's. There are a few scattered snow streams or squalls/bands across the area. Even if visibility "isn't that bad" wherever you may be. When one of these bands pushes overhead, visibility will rapidly decrease close to zero even in town! Temperatures will continue to crash through the single digits close to or just below zero this afternoon into the evening. Wind chills will continue to drop as well into the 20-40 below zero range.

The blizzard warning as of now... is set to expire at 6:00 PM, but blowing snow is going to persist through the evening, with a slight chance for a few more of those scattered snow streamers. Conditions will gradually get "better" but still, some tricky and iffy situations are expended this evening with blowing snow and slick roads. It's not until tonight that we see the winds go lighter, about 9-10:00 PM in eastern North Dakota and about midnight in lakes country Minnesota. Winds will then be between 5-15 mph, you may see a stay gust of about 20 mph. Temperatures will drop down about 5-15 below across our area. Some localized areas could get slightly colder. Wind chills tonight again in the 20-40 below range, or possibly even slightly colder!

Warmer weather returns Saturday with highs in the 20's, but unfortunately, the wind picks back up from the south in the afternoon 15-30 mph and gusts up to 50 mph! More blowing snow will likely occur with slick and icy roads. Sunny skies in the morning may start to melt/thaw some roads, and blowing snow could ice those wet spots over in the afternoon as skies go more cloudy. Another cold front will hit Saturday night, sparking off a few more snow showers into Sunday, with the wind turning to the northwest 20-30 mph.

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Justin Storm