Construction impacts Monday on Main Avenue East from Fifth Street East to Ninth Street East


Main Avenue East, from Fifth Street East to Ninth Street East, is scheduled to reduce to one lane of traffic in each direction Monday, Oct. 28, to Friday, Nov. 22, for sanitary sewer construction operations near Eighth Street East. During the lane reduction, traffic conditions will be head-to-head for work in the eastbound and westbound lanes. This work is part of the 9th and Main Commercial – North Building project, and is necessary due to the location of the existing sanitary sewer under the eastbound lanes.

The eastbound lanes of Main Avenue East are scheduled to close Monday, Oct. 28, to Friday, Nov. 8, with eastbound traffic reduced to one lane and shifted to the westbound lanes. Westbound traffic will also be reduced to one lane. On Saturday, Nov. 9, traffic will shift to one lane, head-to-head in the eastbound lanes while the westbound lanes are closed between Saturday, Nov. 9, and Friday, Nov. 22.

Businesses with driveway access on the south side of Main Avenue will maintain access to enter and exit the businesses from the south side of the properties via First Avenue East during closure of the eastbound lanes. During closure of the westbound lanes, motorists are able to make eastbound right turns into the businesses, but will otherwise need to utilize First Avenue East for access. Westbound left turns into and out of each business is prohibited during the westbound lane closures.


Main Avenue will reopen to two lanes in each direction immediately following the construction completion, which is estimated as Friday, Nov. 22, depending on weather conditions.