Grand Forks Walmart Employee Arrested For Embezzlement


A Grand Forks Walmart employee faces a Class B Felony charge of theft of property.

According to documents attained by WZFG News, Heather Lee Hill was an employee of Walmart in Grand Forks. On August 7, Hill admitted to the store’s General Manager that she had stolen approximately $12,000 from store tills.

Store management says Hill’s till had come up short on multiple days, something the management concurred when doing paper audits of the tills.

On August 7, the store manager witnessed Hill stealing money from the till. Hill voluntarily gave the money to the arresting officer the same day.

A search of Hill’s vehicle turned up numerous iTunes and Amazon gift cards, which she says were purchased using the stolen money. In addition, nearly $4,000 was sent via wire transfer to someone in Nigeria.

Hill also admitted to paying bills and her parents using the money.

Hill was subsequently placed under arrest for theft of property (embezzlement) and transferred to Grand Forks County Corrections.