Beadle announces candidacy for North Dakota State Treasurer


Thomas Beadle, Republican Representative from District 27 in South Fargo, announced that that he is running for State Treasurer. Beadle has been in office since 2010 and serves on the Appropriations committee - Government Operations subsection. 

 “I’ve received a lot of calls from friends, family and fellow lawmakers over the last few weeks urging me to give this office some consideration. I believe we have a great opportunity to bring a focus to accountability and transparency across state government and make sure that the Treasurer’s office is situated to best serve our citizens, and that is why I’m getting into this race.” said Beadle. “The State Treasurer’s office may be the smallest agency in North Dakota, but it is still significant. I hope to make citizens more aware of how our money is being spent and how our major reserve funds are invested.”

In addition to the encouragement from executive and legislative branch officials over the last few weeks, Beadle received the blessing of his grandfather, Former House Majority Leader Earl Strinden, over the weekend which encouraged him to commit to the race. 

Beadle hopes to make the office of State Treasurer more accessible to the public and ensure accurate information is getting out to the citizens. Serving as a member of the Appropriations committee, Beadle has oversight on the state budget and a deep understanding of the state finances.

Beadle is known as a data-driven and analytical legislator. “My colleagues know me as someone who always wants to dig in more to the data and evidence. I’m ready to do the research into our state’s finances and investments and ensure we’re not taking anything for granted. The Treasurer oversees taxpayer money, and we need to make sure it is being cared for properly,” said Beadle.

Beadle graduated from Fargo South High School and graduated from Concordia College with a bachelors in Economics. Beadle was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2010 and has two years remaining on his current term. He serves on the Government Operations subsection of the Appropriations committee, along with the interim Commerce and Budget Section committees. In addition to his legislative service, Beadle has been a licensed real estate broker since 2009 and is the Business Development Manager for Super Studio, a graphic design firm serving businesses across the region. Beadle lives with his wife, Shana, and their dog, Eisenhower, in Fargo.

Incumbent Treasurer Kelly Schmidt announced in December that she would not run for re-election. She has served in that role since 2004.