3-22-20 The Nightly Review


Today in North Dakota we have had 2 more people test positive for the Coronavirus with there now being 30 cases in total. For South Dakota they now have 7 new cases bringing their total to 21. In Minnesota they have 32 new positive cases with 169 cases in total. As of today in the US there are over 32 thousand confirmed cases with there being 414 deaths. Worldwide there are now 335,000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with 14,600 deaths, and 97,000 people have recovered from the virus so far.



Jesse Jahner, Cass County Sheriff

Mylynn Tufte, State of ND Chief Health Officer

Kevin Flynn, Need to Know Morning Show

Father Paul Duchscherer, St. Anne's and Joachim Catholic Church

Original Air Date: 
Sunday, March 22, 2020