Grand Forks man fired from restaurant after coming down with COVID-19


A Grand Forks man says he was fired for going to the hospital and seeking treatment after coming down with coronavirus.

Tristan Rowan was working at the South Washington Street Taco Bell restaurant, when he fell ill with a fever of 101.3 degrees and difficult breathing. But, he was told he couldn’t leave his job until he found a replacement for the remainder of his shift.

He was subsequently fired by the general manager when he went to Altru Hospital to be tested for coronavirus, which he tested positive for.

Grand Forks Public Health confirms to WZFG News that the incident is being investigated, and, as of Tuesday afternoon, Grand Forks Public Health Director Debbie Swanson tells WZFG News that the contact tracing portion of the process is underway.

Repeated attempts to contact the General Manager at Taco Bell have been unsuccessful, as have attempts to contact corporate headquarters.