Your Election Headquarters - November 6, 2018

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2018 Ballot Measures 

North Dakota 2018 Ballot Measures

Measure 1 - Elections and Government Accountability

Measure 2 - Suffrage

Measure 3 - Marijuana

Measure 4 - Civil Service and Parks

For a description of all ND measures CLICK HERE.


Fargo, ND 2018 Ballot Measures

Measure 1 - Approval Voting

For a description of Cass County Measure 1 CLICK HERE.


North Dakota Candidates

North Dakota U.S. House of Representatives

Cass County Sheriff

United States Senator 

State Senator - District 11

State Representative - District 11 

State Representative - District 13 

State Representative - District 41

  • Pamela Anderson (D)
  • Brandon Medenwald (D)
  • Al Carlson (R)
  • Michelle Strinden (R)

Secretary of State

Attorney General

  • David Thompson

Agriculture Commissioner 

  • Jim Dotzenrod (D)
    Doug Goehring (R)

Public Service Commissioner

 Public Service Commissioner Unexpired 2-Year Term

Tax Commissioner

Justice of the Supreme Court

  • Lisa Fair McEvers
  • Robert V. Bolinske


Minnesota Candidates


  • Tim Walz (DFL)
  • Jeff Johnson (R)
  • Chris Wright (G)
  • Josh Welter (L)

Lt. Governor

  • Peggy Flanagan (D)
  • Donna Bergstrom (R)
  • Judith Schwartzbacker (G)
  • Mary O'Connor (L)

Attorney General

Senate Class 1 - U.S. Senator

  • Amy Klobuchar (DFL)
  • Jim Newberger (R)
  • Paula Overby (G)
  • Dennis Schuller (Legal Marijuana Now)

Senate Class 2 - U.S. Senator Special Election

  • Tina Smith (DFL)
  • Karin Housley (R)
  • Jerry Trooien (I)
  • Sarah Wellington ( Legal Marijuana Now)

State Representative District 4A

Congressional District 7

State Auditor

  • Julie Blaha (DFL)
  • Pam Myhra (R)
  • Michael Ford (Legal Marijuana Now)
  • Chris Dock (L)

Clay County Sheriff

  • Mark Empting
  • Scott Steffes

Moorhead Mayor

Council Member Ward 1

  • Riley Maanum
  • Shelly Dahlquist

School Board Member

  • Wayne Ingersoll
  • Rachel Stone
  • Kara Gloe
  • Mark Olaf​ Altenburg
  • Tina Walker
  •  Keith Vogt


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**Please check back often as this page continues to update**