Moorhead PD Warns of Increase in Vehicle Break-Ins

(Moorhead, MN) -- The Moorhead Police Department has seen an increased number of vehicle break-ins in recent months and wants to remind you of ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Those tips include:

  • ALWAYS lock the doors of your vehicle AND remove the keys, even when leaving your vehicle for a short period of time
  • If you are unable to keep valuables and important documents at home or on your person, keep them well out of sight
  • Keep your vehicle tidy, and consider getting a cargo cover if you drive an SUV or vehicle with an exposed cargo area
  •  Completely close your windows and sunroof. Keeping them open leaves the vehicle more vulnerable to a break-in and can disable the pressure sensor in some car alarms
  • When possible, park inside a garage or in a busy, well-lit area

Authorities says following these steps can help prevent you from becoming the victim of a vehicle break-in or reduce your losses if your vehicle is broken into.