FM area businesses urged to take preventive measures against burglaries

Photo: West Fargo Police
Photo: West Fargo Police

West Fargo -- Police are urging business owners in the FM area to take preventive measures against burglaries after rash of burglaries in the metro area in recent months.  West Fargo Police say in many of the burglaries, the suspects enter a business, take merchandise, and flee in vehicles within minutes.

Police recommend businesses add security cameras and an alarm system to monitor both the interior and exterior of the building,  Secure doors and windows, install floodlights, and reduce the amount of cash and valuables left on hand after hours.  They also suggest installing a safe that can be bolted into the floor.  

“The West Fargo Police Department takes these incidents seriously,” said Chief Denis Otterness. “We are diligently investigating these burglaries to keep our businesses safe and protect their property.”

Residents are reminded to stay vigilant and to call police if they see suspicious activity.