Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting talks 'Freezing for a Reason', crime in county and new Dilworth Fire Station

Photo by: Mark Empting - Facebook
Photo by: Mark Empting - Facebook

(Clay County, MN) -- Plenty is on the mind of one of Clay County's top law enforcement officials as we move into February.

First off, Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting says he'll be focusing on keeping warm as the 'Freezin' for a Reason' event takes place Friday night at the Moorhead American Legion.

"I'm planning on many layers," said Empting. "One thing from last year was that my feet were pretty cold. I'll probably put on a few more pairs of socks for that." The Sheriff adding too that the cause justifies roughing it with fellow Sheriff from Cass County Jesse Jahner and WDAY Radio's Jay Thomas and Janae White. Proceeds from the event are going towards helping to build a shelter for veterans and the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard.

As for other issues in the County, including crime, Sheriff Empting says the good news is it's tapered off a bit since summer. He says more awareness on rural crimes, people installing security systems and more patrols across the county have helped curtail the majority of crime that was seen just months ago. He adds too that the recent bone-chilling temperatures have also helped.

Sheriff Empting also talked staffing in both his office and the Clay County Jail. While he's still looking for workers in the jail itself, Empting says the Sheriff's Office is fully staffed.

When it comes to his other position, that being Fire Chief in Dilworth, Empting is keeping a close eye on the legislative session in the twin cities.

"The funding for a new station in Dilworth is in Governor Walz's budget plans," said Empting. "Now we just have to hope it stays in once the session is over, then we can get to work." Funds would be allocated to build a new fire station for the department, which Empting has stated is needed since spacing and equipment issue have persisted. 

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Friday, February 4, 2022